So whatcha want?

General Inquires : matt@getloudrecordings.com

Collective Submissions : andy@getloudrecordings.com

Mailing Address for demo submissions: available upon request.

Collective Submissions (writing, photography, whatever) : Please, send us something. Pitch us an article idea. Write about being on tour, why vinyl rules, why it sucks, why Portland drivers suck, why tapes are still around, OR will we get out of this Trump ditch alive?

10 Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What exactly are you?  A cult.
2. What are your rates?  Well, depends. What are you doing? Send us an email.
3. Do we have engineers at Get Loud?  Yes.
4. Do we sign bands?  Sometimes.
5. Do we go to tape?  Sometimes.
6. Will you rent out the studio to outside producers? Depends. Email us.
7. Can we do lo-fi and hi-fi?  Yes. It’s called mid-fi.
8. Do you have a Neve console?  No. But we have Neve stuff.
9. Do you have a philosophy?  Make things that rule.
10. Beatles or Stones?  The Who.



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