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 "Responsible for some of the years catchiest hooks an sing along choruses." - NPR

"Fresh, invigorating and pretty amazing." - Onion AV Club

A recent addition to the Get Loud family, Howard has been crafting records since the early 2000s as a member of The Rosebuds, Gayngs, Young Sean Young, the Flute Flies and under his own name and alter ego Howard Ivans. Don’t be fooled by his laid back personality and southern drawl. Whether being featured alongside Justin Vernon, in the studio writing for Kanye West, singing alongside Robin Thicke, or as the main voice in Outputs forward thinking new vocal engine Exhale, he brings a focus towards songwriting and melody to every project he’s involved in. Originally from North Carolina, he’s performed shows from Russia to the old Portland haunt Berbati’s Pan,  Howard brings a joy of collaboration to every session. “We can talk about gear and twist knobs all day, or we can make a record! It doesn’t matter how you record it, just get it down and remember the song is the King”

As an artist, Pitchfork said “he exuded quality, his song Red Face Boy, which Spin called an art funk masterpiece was picked by the Guardian UK’s as song of the week along with his nemesis Drake. His catalogue has been streamed over a million times on Spotify.

Recent projects include writing, and producing the score to the feature film Women Who Kill(2017) starring Shelia Vand (Girl Walks Home Alone at Night), and recording & producing the soundscape to Nike’s Air Jordan Shoot for the Stars commercial. His productions have been heard in commercials for The Walking Dead, JC Penny, Trip Advisor, Nike, and used to set the scene in Vikings, How to be Single, the Choice, Gossip Girl, Flipping Out, the Flash to name just a few.

"Ivan Howard & Kanye West who both showed me just how hard somebody can go in the studio, such an inspiration,
both your music’s shaped me much" - From Justin Vernons liner notes in Bon Iver - Bon Iver


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